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Take a virtual tour of the farm and find out why Stone & Thistle Farm's grass-fed meat and eggs are naturally the best.

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Lamb and Goats

Lambs are raised on pastures ten months of the year. Lush pastures provide a "pasture salad" of clovers and grass that lambs need to grow to a flavorful finish. Freezer lambs are raised to 85 lbs to provide small and tender, succulent chops, racks and legs.

The farm's hilly pastures and slopes provide the perfect feast for goats. Goats are excellent foragers. Raised on nature's bounty of multiflora roses, thistles, burdock, berries and hawthorns, they help the environment and us by keeping pastures groomed. Did you know that goat is the most widely consumed and healthiest meat in the world? Goat meat has 40% less fat than a skinless chicken breast. Often called chevon or cabrito, Stone & Thistle Farm's kid goat is delicately flavored and is prized for its tenderness.

Lamb and kid goat is available in the summer and fall.

Sheep on Mountain

Sheep on Mountain

Moving sheep to greener pasture

Moving sheep to greener pasture

Pigs are raised the old fashioned way on pasture and forage in fields and woodlands. Their diets are supplemented with goat milk and local grains. Pigs are nature's rototillers and happily lend a snout by turning over pastures and gardens while they grow! The pastures are later planted with turnips and pumpkins for a second round of feasting. We raise Tamworth and Berkshire pigs, heritage breeds; they provide delicious, lean meat year-round.

Tamworth pigs

Tamworth pigs lend a snout to rototill pastures.

Beef Cows

Cattle are started and finished on lush green grasses. They thrive on the plentiful green grass and cool climates of Delaware County. This 100% grass-fed beef is flavorful, lean and very tender.


Scottish Highland Cattle enjoying a pasture salad.
Eggs, Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Fowl and Turkeys

Chickens are raised on large open fields protected by electrified poultry netting. Chickens and nets are moved every other day to provide them with lots of room to be chickens and to enjoy pasture, bugs, worms or whatever field delicacies they can scratch up. Their diets are supplemented with local grains. Laying hens roam freely on pastures protected by electrified net fencing. They lay eggs in a greenhouse that is moved throughout the year. You can tell the difference between an egg from a free ranging hen and a caged hen. Our hens’ eggs are lower in cholesterol and higher in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. Crack open an egg from a hen raised on pasture; the yolk stands taller and is brighter than sunshine! Fresh eggs are available spring through early winter.

Turkeys, ducks and guinea fowl also enjoy grass, seeds and bugs — the natural diet of birds. They are raised on fields surrounded by electrified net fencing. The netting and birds are moved weekly. Their healthy environment and balanced diet supplemented with local grains eliminates the need for medication. The result is a truly free-range bird with delicious flavor and firm texture.


Laying hens with egg laying cabin on pasture


Free Range Chickens


Field Raised Turkeys

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